oh, hi. (baa.)

7 Apr

so,  let’s see.

coming back to the US…life has been full.  rewarding family times, fulfilling-refreshing friendship times, memory-making times, heartache times.  it’s also been a time of growth and uncovering deep-down feelings and thoughts and a time for strengthening marriage, family, life.

it’s a completely different pace here.  and actually, on top of the faster-pace, because of what we’ve been doing these last couple months (visit, visit, visit) there hasn’t been very much normalcy.  I need rhythm.  I think our whole family just needs it.

lack of rhythm for me means I give up or don’t make a huge effort to get everything done.  like writing on a blog.  or commenting on a blog.  and returning emails (sorry!).  and, um, running.  (that would be 3 runs in the last 2 months and I am supposed to do this half-marathon in like 30 days. awesome.)  and normally, I think I would feel added guilt just confessing those things.  but I’m accepting that I can’t do it all.  even, sometimes, not even the things that are good for me.  sometimes, it’s just impossible to make it all happen and stay sane.  and have a pretty happy family.  so I’m ok with that stuff for right now.

(and I’m still planning on the mini- but who knows what condition I’ll be in on May 7th, so yeah…)

so here we are.  we are well.  life is moving along and we’re trying to take everything in. want some updates on our people?

we just celebrated five, full of delight years of Emerson.  she had a dinosaur birthday party.  thank you, friends and family, for celebrating her with us.  it was something special to celebrate with so many people from different parts of our life.  and if you missed it on facebook, Emerson says she’s nervous about being five.  “4 wasn’t so embarrassing.”  like, we sorta wonder if she thinks adulthood is around the corner or something.  dear girl.  I’m pretty sure she will handle 5 with razzle-dazzle, dinosaur-loving, life-embracing joy.  I really think so.

greta is our sassy little girl.  she doesn’t say much word-wise, nothing in a written language at least.  she grunts a lot and applies the few words she prefers to communicate everything she needs or wants.  she is a mess-er.  she is such a little-sister.  she loves the rocking loveseat in our apartment (YES! a ROCKING LOVESEAT! are you jealous?!)  and she loves the crazy squirrels that climb and jump in the trees out our living room window.

rich is an amazing dad and husband and friend.  I just love him.  so thankful for him.

and I am healthy in heart and mind and body.  and that feels really good.


and thanks to my far-away friend, Joanna, for the nudge to get back in here :)


…and because wordpress is a bit tedious with adding photos, here’s a whole bunch of lil guys that you can click on if you want to see larger images.  some photos from the birthday and family vacation and some visits.  good, good stuff:

(also, make sure you invite Aaron Crabtree to your next party-  just look at the fun you can have with him!)


29 Jan

that many days ago, we were just a family of three, eatin’ hotdogs and empanadas at the park.

and just a few hours ago, our little family of four did the very same thing.  and you better believe that little sweaty fireball ate an empanada like the rest of us.

monthly blogging- you cool with that?

22 Jan

I don’t (really) swear (anymore).   I’m not prone to profanity.  if I drop, say, half of an avocado on the floor, CRAP! is my go-to word.  that’s how severe I get.  watch out.

so Em, she says drats! a lot.  I don’t know where she got it.  I was sorta wondering if she hears me saying CRAP! but thinks I’m saying drats! and so that’s what she says.  her little frustration expletive.

but the other day, I don’t even remember what happened- but it seems like it was some other limited food item falling to the floor- and I said CRAP! and it was like she’s never heard me say this.  and she said- “why? why did you say CRAB! ?”  and when she said CRAB! she pinched her fingers together at me. you know, like a crab.  ok.

she will survive me and my language.  and hopefully all the other (real) ways I will mess up as her mom.

we just finished reading the lion, the witch and the wardrobe.  emerson was so attentive and really loved it.  I distinctly remember hearing some of the lines from this book when I was a kid as my mom sat on my bed reading it to me.  I was older than em.  and I had big closet doors in my room and after reading the first few chapters, I had to make sure those doors were shut tight.  I mean, mr. tumnus was nice and all, but I didn’t want some man with goat legs mistakenly prancing through my closet doors.  um…anyway, emerson asked me to explain what a turkish delight was.  so I did, and because we live in 2011, I googled a photo for her.  I told her that when I was little I didn’t know what a turkish delight was, so I always imagined it was magic cookie bars.  she didn’t know what a magic cookie bar was.  so I tried explaining, “the bottom is graham crackers…wait, you don’t even know what a graham cracker is, do you?”  you guys, I have a third culture kid.  she does not know what a graham cracker is.

she still wants to get her ears pierced.  she knows it’s going to hurt a little.  and, right now, she says she’s ok with that.  but she says she doesn’t want to do it right after we get to the states.  she wants to wait till she turns 5.  she wants it to be a birthday present.  but when she gets them, she wants them to be purple butterfly earrings.


and greta?

well, she turns one whole year old in 7 days.  I wasn’t sure what to do about celebrating- since it’s a week from our arrival in the states and I’m pretty sure there’s some grandmas on the other side making their own little birthday plans.  so I was sorta thinking maybe just a our-little-family-outing to get some birthday ice cream.  but the closer her birthday has gotten, the more I’m thinking we’re just going to celebrate with a party.  it’s important to me to acknowledge that day and their specialness.  so I’ve got some planning to do.

also, in the last 2 weeks or so, greta has started eating EVERYTHING we eat.  she loves to eat.  it’s so crazy cute.  a lot of times she sticks her tongue out and rubs the food on her tongue, back and forth.  she likes how it feels?  this morning, she ate 1/2 PB sandwich and half of a peach and 6 ounces of juice-water.  all of it. (and I just went ahead and introduced peanut butter- and she apparently has no problems with it.)

so there you go.  a little update.

no promises for how frequently I’ll be updating on here in the near future.  we are 14 days from leaving Argentina for an almost 6 month visit in the US.  so not only packing and gift-buying, but saying goodbyes and preparing our house to be not-lived in for half a year. but we’re excited about our trip.  traveling and being there.  and sharing our girls’ cuteness with all of you.

hello everybodeee

8 Jan

we have been reading a lot of the monster at the end of this book, starring furry lovable, old grover.  and now I sometimes talk like grover.

I haven’t really been feeling much into blogging lately.  but life is moving fast and I know some of you want to know…

greta will be walking soon.  she stands up all on her own and thinks she’s hot stuff when she does it.  she just got braver this week and started walking only holding one of our hands.  so, soon, I think.   she is something else.  sweet and fiery.  most of the day, she makes sweet squeaky noises instead of words.  but she does talk a little.  she says mama.  a lot.  DA!  and starting to get EM! out sometimes.  she says dis! (this) dat! (that) hout (not sure if she means hot or out- because she always says it standing near the screen door- which could indicate either in her head).  she repeats a lot of words.  like she has repeated bath and book and yes and all done.  but I don’t think she knows them-knows them.  she shakes her head no-no-no and she’s actually starting to do it in response to yes/no questions.  amazing little baby brains.  language development really fascinates me.

emerson is crazy excited about our trip to the US.  she is marking each day off on the calendar, first thing every morning.  we have a few big events on the calendar to help her gauge the time (like Tim and Julie visiting!, the G’s return, Greta’s birthday).  and she’s excited about those things.  but she can’t wait to try fortune cookies.  and see the store that is totally full of nice smelling candles.  and eat WAFFLES.  and what! there are restaurants that just have breakfast??

we’re all getting really excited.  trying really hard not to checkout of life here too soon.  I don’t want to wish this time away.  because we’re still living it and things are still happening.  but waffles and breakfast sausage and new jeans (that fit and aren’t faded and all worn out!) and hearing words and just understanding them just like that.  and laughing with people we’ve missed….4 weeks.

next best thing to “amish barbie”

27 Dec

our christmas was lovely.  can I say lovely without making my little sister’s eyes roll?  (which little sister? any of them.)

(so can I?)

well, it was.

we decided to get a barbie for emerson.

I believe she is the most clothed barbie in existence.  snowboarding barbie!  she is wearing a one-piece, neck-to-toe snowsuit!  and clunky snowboots!!  and she’s sporty!!!  with her snowboard!!!!

emerson was delighted.  she still is.

all she wants for christmas

17 Dec

today, emerson went with rich on the bus to BA.  a fun adventure for her.  rich has some relatively quick paperwork to take care of, and then they are “secretly” shopping for a gift for me.  when greta wakes up, she and I will go to the necessary-evil in my life, walmart.  there, we will look for one special present for emerson and some little gifts for her stocking.  we are definitely the fewer-gifts type of people.  but here, it’s almost like it’s fewer than even we’d really like.  toys are either affordable and absolute junk or just insanely expensive.

emerson would like a barbie.  can I just tell you, I’m not sure about barbie.   it’s everything she, um…embodies.  I don’t know.  it isn’t the weird body proportions.  and the fact that every doll emerson owns is currently naked.  so yes, that.

so I’m hoping to find a skipper doll.   a very overpriced, pre-pubescent skipper doll.

and let me just say, if your children own barbies, this is not a judgment.  I, personally, am just not feeling ready for this as emerson’s mom.

the other thing that emerson would like is a dog.  a barbie or a dog.  that’s really all she wants.  thanks for making it easy.

she’s gotten to open one gift each week in december.  one week, it was a new pool, so a decent-sized box.  it sat under the tree for a few days till she got to the link on her paper chain that had “open present” written on it.  (which emerson can totally read.)  anyway, she opened it and she was happy.  but you guys, she totally thought there was a dog, a real live dog, in that box.  just all boxed up, in the heat, wrapped up, sitting quietly under the tree for days.  it’s like if she wished for it hard enough it would be true. or something.  sigh.

I know.  this is making most of you cry.

so, yes, dealing with a little mom guilt this morning.

and if walmart doesn’t have a skipper?

it is so very possible that I will come home with a doll that requires a d-cup.

feliz navidad.

gingerbreadish housemaking and new friends

10 Dec

today is emerson’s last day of school.  I am so thankful that we found this school, that she got in, that she had such a sensitive teacher, that she made friends.  and that she grew through hard stuff and fun times.  she is a brave kid.  she got through it.  and she actually pretty much loved it.

but I think she’s ready for a break.  and I am really ready to have her home with me all the time.


yesterday, her advent activity was to make a gingerbread house together.  we have a new friend visiting us here in la plata (she’s staying with the D’s).  her name is amara, she’s 17.  and she’s very sweet and fun and the kids just love her.  she was hanging out at our house yesterday, and when it came time to make the gingerbread house I was only able to go so far with em before greta, who was sitting on amara’s lap, got fussy and was ready to go to bed for the night.  so I asked amara to take over while I got greta to bed.  oh my gosh.  who knew that someone could be so good at and know so much about making gingerbread houses!

seriously, I would not have been able to make such a house (gumdrop dog and lady, even a backyard with a garden and trees!).  or stretch out the making-process and make it so enjoyable like amara did.

way to go, Amara!

new friends are awesome.

and so are edible candy cookie sugar houses.


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